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Tugendhat Villa

The Tugendhat Villa, a marvel and masterpiece of modern architecture is located in the Moravian city of Brno.

This iconic villa, designed by famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was built between the years of 1928 – 1930 for the couple Fritz and Greta Tugendhat. The villa was constructed from an iron framework that enabled the residential structure to be full of natural light and have an abundance of space – a perfect example of Functionalism. The interior was furnished with luxurious materials including a translucent onyx wall that changes its color shade based on the time of the day and how the sun hits it, and tropical woods. The villa was meant not to have any decor or artwork cluttering the clean space – the architect's chosen materials of onyx and wood were to be the main focal point with their natural patterns, as well as the views of the city of Brno provided by the large abundance of glass windows. The house was built on sloped land, making the living room, the room with the largest amount of glass perfect for viewing the city of Brno and Špilberk Castle below. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed all of the furniture for the house, making it a complete design whole. Two of the armchairs created for the house, the Brno Chair and the Tugendhat Chair are still in production to this day. The Tugendhat Villa was created using the highest quality design materials and together with the unique construction method, the endeavor was quite an expensive one. The villa was inhabited by the Tugendhat family until they fled from Czechoslovakia in 1938. It is interesting to note that the villa was the setting for the signing of the main document of the Velvet Divorce in 1992. The villa has been the property of the city of Brno since 2004, and in 2010 went through an extensive 2-year renovation. If you wish to see this magnificent villa, please visit the website listed below for visitor information.

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