Classical Theater

Reduta Theater

Address: Zelný trh 4, 602 00 Brno. 

Situated in Brno on the city's oldest square, Zelný trh (translates to Vegetable Market) is the Reduta Theater.

Originally known in Renaissance times as the Taverna Theater, this splendid building is the oldest theater in Central Europe. It is of interest to note that child prodigies Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister performed at the Taverna Theater in 1767 at the ages of 11 and 15 – it has been said that the performance excited the imagination of all present at the theater that evening. After a series of harmful fires, the theater was redesigned/rebuilt after 1786 into a neoclassical structure and then bore the name Reduta. At Reduta German plays were performed mainly; Czech plays were infrequent. After yet another fire in 1870 the theater closed and reopened to function as the city market hall; it was only after 1918 that the theater was again used for its original purpose. The Reduta Theater was reconstructed again in 2005, a reconstruction that won the Grand Prix architecture award. Reduta Theater has been part of the National Theater of Brno since 2010.