Brno Attractions

Brno Ossuary

Address: Jakubské náměstí, Brno 602 00.  

Interested in Europe's more macabre sights? If so, Brno will surely not disappoint with its large underground ossuary.

Situated partially under the Church of St. James, the evocative ossuary was made known today, or rediscovered, only in 2001 during an archaeological survey done before the renovation of Jakubské Square. It is of vast interest to note that his magnificent memorial to the dead is the second largest in Europe - only after the famed Paris Catacombs. The Brno Ossuary contains the remains of approximately 50,000 people (victims of the plague and cholera epidemics, and of the Thirty Years' War and Swedish sieges) and was created in the 17th century. The ossuary has been open to the general public since 2012 after a meticulous refurbishment of the underground rooms. Visit the Brno Ossuary today, pay tribute to the dead and get your dose of Europe's weird and wonderful dark side.