Brno Attractions

Stiassny Villa

Address: Hroznová 82/14, 603 00 Brno. 

Located in Brno is the Stiassny Villa, yet another marvel of Functionalist style architecture in this intriguing city.

The villa, designed by architect Ernst Wiesner in 1927, is a great example of the simple sleek beauty of Functionalism. Created for textile industrialist Alfred Stiassny and his wife Hermine, the spacious L-shaped villa sits on a large sloping plot and is deeply embedded in the green garden. The progressive design of the ivy-covered villa led to its overall popularity with the citizens of Brno; the villa is, to this day, regarded as one of Brno's finest structures. Interestingly the interior of the villa, designed by Vienna-based architect Franz Wilfert does not represent Functionalism, rather it has Historicist elements such as marble fireplaces, stucco decorations, intricate furniture, etc. Adjustments were made to the villa in the 1980s by architect Kamil Fuchs; Fuchs glazed in the exterior ground floor loggia, adding to the overall vast interior. The National Heritage Institute currently administers this impressive Functionalist Villa.