Brno Attractions

Moravian Bank


Erected from 1928 -1930 on Náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) in the Moravian city of Brno, the Moravská banka (Moravian Bank) is a great example of the pure sleek style of Functionalism.

Created by architects Bohuslav Fuchs and Ernst Wiesner, this reinforced concrete structure is divided vertically into several different functional zones: underground cafeteria, restaurant and nightclub, ground floor shops, first and second floor - Moravian Bank (which the building still hosts today), office floors, and two upper residential floors. The structural concept of this building is unique in the fact that both street facades are suspended on protruding roof panels, with the supporting structural pillars drawn into the interior (painted blue – inspired by the Moravian national emblem). The interior of the light and airy Moravian Bank building features high ceilings, an abundance of glass bricks, and the above-mentioned exposed internal supporting pillars. The entrance hall to the bank is lined with rich white marble; the majority of the interior is original. The current facade of the Moravian Bank is a replica; the original was destroyed in the 70s.