Let us be your guide through the multi-faceted layers of architecture and design in the Central European city of Brno. The capital city of Moravia has long been known for its wonderful array of architectural styles, most notably Functionalism. The city itself, however, boasts structures that range from many architectural eras, making it enjoyable for all and sought after by many. Of course living in such a mecca for architecture makes one undeniably influenced by it – which is exactly why you can find such a high concentration of innovative architects and designers in such a place. The city of Brno, with its lovely blend of famous buildings and structures, houses many talented architects and designers – ensuring that whatever your style and taste, there is surely something for everyone. 


Building a house in Brno or planning on remodeling your existing villa, flat, or office? Should you be searching for architectural services in Brno, have a look at the Brno architects listed below. In this list of architects in Brno you will find talented architecture & design firms who will help you create the house, commercial space, or apart...


Architecture in Brno

The charm of Brno’s architecture, especially it’s Functionalist architecture, has been drawing visitors to this Central European city for years. It’s no secret to lovers of architecture and design that this mecca showcases an array of remarkable houses and villas built during the inter-war period, most notably the Villa Tugendhat. Sadly during WWII...