Brno boasts a variety of exceptional bars. Mentioned in international publications regularly as one of Central Europe’s hot spots for going out and drinking, Brno’s bar scene is anything but dull. Bars in Brno consist of upscale cocktail joints, where you can sample top shelf alcohol in expertly mixed, award-winning cocktails. Brno bars are fully stocked and ready to be explored – go ahead, bar hop your way through the pretty city of Brno. All of the Brno bars mentioned here are presented with descriptions, photos, contact info, and more. If you wish to make the most of your night in Brno, start with our comprehensive list of Brno bars first.  

The Bar that Doesn't Exist

Visit The Bar that Doesn’t Exist, one of the most popular bars in Brno, for a great, expertly mixed drink tonight. In this renowned bar / restaurant you will find not only excellent mixed cocktails and fine alcohol, but also expert service from their professional staff members and bartenders who do not hesitate to make you a tailor- made cocktail a...

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Pavillon Bar Runway

In August 2012, a replica of the legendary architectural gem, Café Zeman and the Restaurant 'U Kastelána (two Brno-based structures) were combined to create Restaurant Pavillon, and with it, Pavillon Bar Runway. Located in the leafy Koliště Park, the Functionalist building that houses the Pavillon Bar Runway is supremely sleek and elegant looking,...

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Super Panda Circus

Visit Super Panda Circus, a unique bar in Brno, for an award-winning cocktail tonight. Super Panda Circus, an exclusive, untraditional cocktail bar near the city center of Brno, serves up delectable cocktails in an atmospheric setting. Upon your arrival to this special establishment, you can hang up your coat at their coat check and enjoy initial r...

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