If you happen to visit or live in Brno, you will soon find out or already know that there is a varied assortment of arts and entertainment offered. Brno enjoys a rich cultural life, especially for a smaller city. The range of arts and entertainment includes museum and gallery exhibitions - both temporary and permanent, plays, operas, ballet and dance performances, concerts, musicals, etc. The National Theater in Brno boasts three venues (Reduta, Janáček & Mahen theaters) where you can see great performances by talented artists, while the Municipal Theater offers two venues. Brno has six major public museums that feature permanent displays as well as temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Brno is also home to several independent art galleries. Whatever your pleasure when it comes to Arts and Entertainment in Brno, you will definitely find something that suites your taste.  

Museums and Galleries

Brno is blessed with a variety of museums and galleries, both public and private. The six major public museums are as such: The Moravian Museum, the Moravian Gallery, the Museum of the City of Brno, the House of Arts, the Technical Museum, and the Museum of Romani Culture. Each of the six museums has facilities at more than one location – making th...