Brno is blessed with a variety of museums and galleries, both public and private. The six major public museums are as such: The Moravian Museum, the Moravian Gallery, the Museum of the City of Brno, the House of Arts, the Technical Museum, and the Museum of Romani Culture. Each of the six museums has facilities at more than one location – making the public venues’ collections quite vast. All of them feature permanent collections that are supplemented by exciting temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Private art galleries are also of great importance in Brno, especially the Adam Gallery. The private art galleries in Brno showcase the best of the best in contemporary Czech art.

Adam Gallery

Adam Gallery is one of the best independent contemporary art galleries in the Czech Republic. Located in Brno, Adam Gallery is focused on showcasing contemporary paintings and art objects by Czech and international artists, and has over the years simultaneously created an impressive collection of Czech and Central European paintings from the 80s an...

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Moravian Museum

Visit the lovely city of Brno today and experience the varied history of this area at the impressive Moravian Museum. Founded in July of 1817 by decree of Emperor Francis I, this institution is second in size only to the National Museum in Prague. Today the museum boasts a variety of several million objects; this valuable scientific material repres...

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