Looking for a good restaurant in Brno? Searching for a hip Brno cafe? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Brno features top restaurants and cafes, many of which have been mentioned in international magazines and culinary blogs. Good restaurants and eateries are popping up everywhere in this Central European culinary hot spot as are fine dining establishments, which are represented in the city by select, elegant restaurants. Cafes are abundant affairs in Brno – you don’t have to travel far to find an arty cool cafe where you can while away the hours sampling delicious coffee and light snacks. Have a look at our list of top picks for Brno restaurants, Brno fine dining, and cafes in Brno.

Fine Dining

Searching for an elegant fine dining establishment in Brno? Fine dining in Brno is represented by select restaurants that offer the grand combination of delectable cuisine, an elegant setting, and supreme service. Brno has become a sort of high cuisine hot spot over the last few years, due to this exciting new Brno fine dining establishments are op...


Restaurants in Brno

The city of Brno features great restaurants and eateries. The culinary scene is going strong in this Central European city – in Brno you can take your pick from the cream of the crop, as the majority of restaurants popping up are uber popular, while the seasoned standards keep their regulars coming back for more. Eating in Brno is an exciting affai...


Cafes in Brno

Brno is full of great little cafes where you can sample amazing coffee. The coffee house culture has been a way of life in Central Europe for a long time now, but currently there has been increasing attention to the actual coffee being served. At these select Brno cafes you can enjoy delicious coffee from popular well-known roasters, all in a cool...