Brno is full of great little cafes where you can sample amazing coffee. The coffee house culture has been a way of life in Central Europe for a long time now, but currently there has been increasing attention to the actual coffee being served. At these select Brno cafes you can enjoy delicious coffee from popular well-known roasters, all in a cool setting. Select cafes in Brno are even situated in famous Functionalist buildings – perfect for the lovers of architecture and history out there. Cafes in Brno are a great place to while away the hours while discussing favorite topics with your friends or loved ones. Choose your very own favorite Brno cafe from our select list below, or go ahead and pay a visit to them all.  

SKØG Urban Hub

In case you are fond of Brno, Scandinavian interior design and top-quality coffee, stop by SKØG Urban Hub, a multipurpose, modern place that has been attracting both locals and tourists since 2015. The unique concept that comprises a coffee place and a bar, as well as a coffee roastery and a place for cultural events came into existence thanks to t...

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Avia Cafe Restaurant

Avia Cafe Restaurant, located in Brno, is housed in a fascinating landmark Functionalist building. The structure, built as one of the first modern religious buildings in former Czechoslovakia in 1929, was designed by John Víšek. The building functioned as a Czechoslovak Hussite Church and was complete with a large prayer hall and a large ballroom....

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Morgal Cafe

Morgal Cafe, an inspiring place in Brno, acts as a cafe where like-minded people converge. The unique city space that houses the cafe lends to its attractive atmosphere – set in the Governor’s Palace (Mistodrzitelsky palac), this arty cafe offers a setting like no other. The cafe’s attempt to revive the genius loci of the palace and the surrounding...

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