The city of Brno features great restaurants and eateries. The culinary scene is going strong in this Central European city – in Brno you can take your pick from the cream of the crop, as the majority of restaurants popping up are uber popular, while the seasoned standards keep their regulars coming back for more. Eating in Brno is an exciting affair now-a-days, something that many international publications have noticed (e.g. The New York Times), due to which a slight tourist boom is descending upon Brno and its choice restaurants and eateries. If you are searching for a good Brno restaurant, have a look at our select list of our favorites below.  

Restaurant Pavillon

In August 2012, two Brno-based phenomena were combined – a replica of the legendary Café Zeman and the Restaurant 'U Kastelána – to create Restaurant Pavillon. Located in the Koliště Park, the Functionalist building that houses the restaurant truly is a sight to behold. This sleek elegant structure hides one of the best culinary secrets in the city...

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Riding in on the culinary wave that is sweeping across the city of Brno, is RETRO CONSISTORIUM. The concept at RETRO CONSISTORIUM is simple – delicious food paired with delectable wine… combined with a friendly atmosphere such a place would be unbeatable. Thanks to RETRO CONSISTORIUM such a place now exists. Situated in the historic center of Brno...

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KONFIT Restaurant

Taste the magic of tradition today at KONFIT Restaurant. At KONFIT Restaurant you can enjoy high quality, honest meals that are inspired by Czech culinary traditions. KONFIT believes that in today’s hectic world it is of upmost importance to take a step back, slow down, and reflect on the different values and attitudes our ancestors had in the past...

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