Searching for an elegant fine dining establishment in Brno? Fine dining in Brno is represented by select restaurants that offer the grand combination of delectable cuisine, an elegant setting, and supreme service. Brno has become a sort of high cuisine hot spot over the last few years, due to this exciting new Brno fine dining establishments are open more and more. Mentioned in several international news publications, the restaurants in Brno boast innovative cuisine, attractive design interiors, and hard-to-beat ambiance. Have a look at our list of select Brno fine dining restaurants, pamper yourself, and enjoy some high-end cuisine tonight.  

BORGO Agnese

The BORGO Agnese restaurant in the charming Central European city of Brno, offers delicious, high-end Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients and products that are often homemade. BORGO Agnese was established in 2008 to the delight of culinary lovers in Brno. From the very beginning these lucky guests have been treated...

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Visit KOISHI, an upmarket fish and sushi restaurant in Brno, to get your seafood fix today. KOISHI serves up delectable Japanese cuisine in a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that is always inviting. The excellent sushi and fish dishes at KOISHI are prepared by talented Japanese chefs; as is tradition in Japanese restaurants, you can observe the art...

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La Bouchée

La Bouchée, or in French “a bite” or “a mouthful,” is a gourmet oasis in the Central European city of Brno. Situated on Údolní Street, in the center of the city, La Bouchée offers delectable cuisine made from top quality, fresh ingredients (most of which is organic). This fine dining establishment offers a variety of dishes including specialt...

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