Fashion is ever-evolving. Fashion is art. Fashion is life. If you want to stay on top of your fashion game in Brno, don’t fret… simply find a local fashion boutique in Brno selling items from up-and-coming designers from Moravia or Bohemia, international designers, or well known fashion brands. Brno offers a lovely shopping experience as it is a compact city, with a good array of fashion boutiques selling different items. Whether your style is timeless & classic, sleek & modern, or ethnic boho, or even a combination of all those great styles – you’ll find what you’re looking for in these great fashion boutiques in Brno. Choose your style and wear it well.  

DNB by Denisa Nova

Denisa Nova, or DNB as her brand is called, is a reputable fashion designer that has been in the exciting world of fashion since 1999. She focuses on the exciting design and quality production of clothing for women, as well as intriguing fashion accessories and unique footwear. Denisa Nova graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technical University...

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Gábina Páralová

Visit the Gábina Páralová showroom in Brno today for your feminine fashion fix. Gábina Páralová, a respected fashion designer creates beautiful feminine clothing that is both timeless and modern, yet altogether sexy. Her clothing collections include lovey dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, blouses, and more. In her showroom on Solniční Street in the Cent...

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White White

For simple, yet elegant clothing that is both stylish and comfortable, turn to White White. White White is based in the city of Brno, with a showroom on Mečová Street. In this modern showroom you can purchase all of the clothing from White White’s latest line of attractive ready-to-wear design clothing for women. White White believes in good ole ca...

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Visit the Wolfgang clothing and accessories boutique in Brno where you can find original design pieces to add to your wardrobe. The Wolfgang shop offers unusual pieces for those who are looking for unique clothing that doesn’t fit the style of just anyone. The Wolfgang clothing brand aims to be not only about the material and style of the clothing...

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Visit the Youngprimitive eshop today and explore their exciting collections of limited design clothing and accessories for women, men & children. The Youngprimitive shop became an extension of the founders’ style blog. Due to their love of graphic design and current trends in fashion, they decided that clothing would be a great medium on which...

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