Enjoy energy savings, manage all of your home devices from one place, maximize home security, and save time – if this sounds attractive to you, consider implementing a smart home system in your home or office. If you long for convenient, high quality modern living, then smart home technology is something to consider. Smart home technology surely is the wave of the future – living in a smart home gives you the ability to control your heating / air-conditioning, lighting, ventilation, security, home appliances (washing machines, dryers, oven, refrigerator, etc.), and more. Smart home technology systems work via switches / sensors that connect to a central hub – from the hub you can control the system with a user interface that easily interacts with your mobile phone, tablet and/or computer. 

Insight Home

Since 2009, the Insight Home company, a pioneer in the fields of technical management of buildings and home automation control, known as "smart living technologies", has implemented more than 100 projects in exclusive villas and other buildings. The high standard of smart living technologies, the services and the professional attitude of the compan...

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