Castle District

St. Vitus Cathedral

Address: Prague Castle, Praha 1 – Hradčany 

You can see the magnificent Cathedral of St. Vitus from nearly any elevated place in Prague. The cathedral towers over Prague Castle and is the architectural trademark of the city.

History whispers from every corner of this monumental structure, taking visitors back in time. In 1344 French architect Matthias of Arras was commissioned to plan and build the Gothic St. Vitus. The cathedral was built during the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV who resided in Prague. Matthias of Arras built the Golden Portal, lower part of the main tower and the St. Wenceslas Chapel. After his death in 1356 German architect Petr Parler took over the project. He completed the east part of the cathedral and his sons created the floors of the bell tower. The cathedral was not finished until the 20th century thanks to assistance from the Union for Completion of the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague. Over the centuries the cathedral has hosted coronations and other important ceremonies. Among the many sites visitors can see today is the royal mausoleum, with its tombs of former monarchs.