Castle District

Basilica of St. George

Address: Pražský hrad, Praha 1 

The Basilica of St. George is the second oldest church in Prague.

This significant Romanesque monument is located within Prague Castle at Jiřské náměstí and was built around 920 by Prince Vratislav. In the 12th century the church was partially damaged by fire and had to undergo reconstruction. Two towers with stone roofs and two rows of Romanesque windows were added. In the 17th century the basilica was renovated in the Baroque style. However, Romanesque elements were restored during construction that took place in 1887-1908. The tombs of Premyslid princes are laid in a simple yet fascinating interior. The basilica boasts Romanesque frescoes including a portrayal of heavenly Jerusalem. Today the Basilica of St. George hosts concerts and can be toured as part of the Prague Castle tour.