ASGK Design

Address: Františka Křížka 1, Praha 7, +420 725 813 752,

If you are looking for quality and original design for your new interior, and at the same time for a personal and professional approach, ASGK Design is your best bet.

This renowned architectural studio that is made up of a team of experienced architects lead by founder Gabriela Kaprálová, and building engineers and designers, has been involved since its launch in 2006 in many significant residential and commercial projects. At ASGK you can bet that your apartment, house or office space will be in the hands of experienced professionals that will work with you every step of the way – this individual approach is of vast importance to the architects at ASGK as it is their number one priority to design a space where clients will be happy to spend time. The result is an interior that represents a harmonic combination of quality, aesthetics, economy, functionality and original design. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, ASGK architects perceive it as a whole and approach it accordingly as well - from the initial design of the construction to its processing including studies, price calculation and design, and eventually its actualization. The ASGK Design studio cooperates closely with carpenters, locksmiths, glassmakers, etc., which even more underlines their emphasis on quality and accuracy. Environmental protection is also important for ASGK architects; for several years they've been focusing on ECO design, which means that they use mainly natural materials in combination with recycled materials under the "Cradle-to-Cradle" certification. The studio has rich experience with designing so-called green buildings. For example, the Rytířská Palace building that belongs among significant projects of the studio, was reconstructed with the use of smart technology in accordance with the "green way". As for residential housing, architects have dedicated their work to designing buildings according to the low-energy and passive standards - they design not only wooden structures. The ASGK Design studio has also been involved in designing many historical protected properties in historically preserved zones in the center of Prague. Worth mentioning is the reconstruction of two cultural monuments - the above-mentioned Rytířská Palace and the Astra Palace. ASGK Design studio also creates atypical furniture under the brand name KIBIK. The philosophy of the KIBIK brand is connected to "Local and Slow" design, the return to traditions and regional craft. The first collection of the furniture was showcased at Designblok 2013. The ASGK Design studio boasts an array of clients. It creates literally tailored interiors for private clients, state institutions, companies and big corporations in Prague as well as other cities in the Czech Republic. Significant commercial projects include the complete renovation of the historical Rytířská Palace - the Česká spořitelna a.s. flagship in Prague 1 for which the studio was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix Architects 2009 prize, reconstruction of the Astra Palace on Wenceslas Square and Ehlen House at 28.října Street in Prague 1, the interior of the Erste Premier Lounge at the Václav Havel Airport, a network of branches of Erste Premier for VIP clients of Česká spořitelna, the interior of the Omega boutique on Old Town Square and more. From top private residential projects we can name a house in Český ráj, a stylish apartment on Prague's Kampa Island, an attractive loft in Vinohrady or interesting designs of low-energy houses in Roztoky u Prahy, Vítek, and Zilvar in the Hradec Králové region. The ASGK Design studio also worked on several architectural and graphic concepts for exhibitions or libraries. Worth mentioning is, for example, the "Zdeněk Dvořák" exhibition in Letohrádek Hvězda in Prague 6. If you choose architects from ASGK Design for creating an apartment or house of your dreams, you can bet that your dreams will come true.

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