Castle District

Royal Summer Palace

Address: Prague Castle Royal Garden, Hradcany Praha 1 

Located in the grounds of the Prague Castle complex is the Royal Summer Palace, one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture outside of Italy.

The Royal Summer Palace, often referred to as Queen Anne's Summer Palace, was commissioned in 1538 by Ferdinand I for his wife Queen Anne. The magnificent structure was a combined effort of skilled Italian stonemasons (in charge of the gallery with its arcade and the beautiful Classical relief decorations), and Bonifaz Wohlmut and Hans Tirol – responsible for the overall structure and the lovely roof. The palace served as a venue for social gatherings and also to make the overall garden experience a better one. It is sad to note that Queen Anne never had the chance to enjoy a aristocratic garden experience as she died during the birth of her 15th child, and the palace had yet to be finished. There is a 16th century bronze fountain that is in place in front of the palace – called the Singing Fountain, it used to hum or “sing” when water passed through, unfortunately the fountain no longer “sings” even though extensive renovations took place. The Royal Summer Palace is open to the general public only during exhibitions, however it is enjoyable enough to marvel at its exterior facade.