Prague's Best Bars

Crystal Bar & Restaurant

Address: V Kolkovně 7, Praha 1, +420 607 337 337,  

Located in the center of Prague's Old Town on fashionable V Kolkovně Street is the Crystal Bar & Restaurant.

The Crystal Bar & Restaurant is a fabulous place to find yourself on a lunch or dinner date, or out and about sampling cocktails on a Friday or Saturday night - or any night for that matter! This posh modern restaurant and bar features an attractive interior that boasts bright pink walls adorned with pop art prints, alongside light pink striped upholstered chairs and a combination of square and round white tables. This fine establishment serves up high gastronomy and friendly, professional service. Crystal offers delicious international cuisine fused with traditional French fare; prepared with high quality fresh ingredients and imported directly from reputable farmers. The menu at Crystal truly has something for everyone, whether you would like a delicious culinary feast, or a light snack. The food at Crystal is amazing... and the cocktails? Oh, the cocktails! The trained bartenders at Crystal prepare a mouth watering array of cocktails (some of which you might not have even heard of) made with top shelf liquor and fresh seasonal ingredients. If you wish to spend your evening sampling some amazing cocktails – Crystal Bar & Restaurant is one of our top choices. With a bright, modern setting, lovely international and French dishes, and mind-blowing cocktails, Crystal Bar & Restaurant is where it's at.