Prague's Best Bars

Hangar Bar Praha

Address: Dušní 9/9, Praha 1, +420 724 004 305, +420 602 251 392,  

Hangar Bar Praha – a great place for an unforgettable night out on the town!

Hangar Bar Praha is located in the center of Prague's charming Old Town and is our choice for one of the city's best bars. This fun establishment that celebrates the miracle of aviation consists of two levels, the Hangar's Pilot Lounge and the Hangar Club. The Hangar's Pilot Lounge, on the upper floor, takes its inspiration from the boom of passenger aviation headed by the Pan Am Airlines, around the years of 1940s - 1960s. This was a time of wonder – the first transatlantic passenger line was introduced and the world was flying high – literally. You too can fly high at the Pilot's Lounge where gorgeous staff members sport Pan Am stewardess outfits and the bartenders keep delicious cocktails flowing. The Pilot's Lounge also boasts some intriguing decor including fascinating historical enamel signs advertising destinations offered by Pan Am, and the body of a Clipper aircraft, which could land on water for re-fueling, therefore making long distances possible. Head downstairs to the Hangar Club, a fun space inspired by the era of 1940 – 1950 – more specifically by Hollywood stunt pilots, WW2 pilots, aircraft mechanics, and more; there is even a star-shaped aircraft engine that hangs behind the bar. The lower level is where the party really happens – the atmosphere is made all the more exciting by entertaining shows by professional bartenders (who happen to be dresses as pilots), and patrons drinking until the wee hours of the morning. This exciting space can also be rented for private parties, please see the website listed below for further information.