Prague's Best Bars

Public Interest

Address: U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1, +420 725 821 878,

Looking for a stylish bar in Prague where you can drink world-class original champagne cocktails, classic cocktails and other drinks? If so, visit Public Interest, a relative newcomer on the nightlife scene.

Public Interest is situated in the center of Prague's Old Town amid charming winding streets and attractive Old World facades. The bar's interior, which is a timeless, handsome fusion of sleek dark gray walls, antique mirrors and film posters, small marble-topped tables, old stools and soft lighting, gives off a sort of London-esque vibe. The decor, however, makes it seem as though this bar has always existed in Prague's Old Town – just a time-worthy joint where you could enjoy top shelf drinks with your hip friends. This atmospheric bar is a great place for enjoying masterly mixed cocktails, rich wines, beer, or shots of liquor, and is perfect for meeting and chatting with a pleasant crowd of Praguers. The cool atmosphere is made all the more swell by the eclectic mix of music played on the bar's stereo system – you get a real mix of genres here, guaranteed to satisfy all patrons. With experienced professional bartenders mixing up classic cocktails – we highly recommend the English Cosmopolitan (a delightful frothy cocktail made with Gin, lime and fresh raspberry juice) the Vodka Martini made with fresh fruit (your choice of fresh fruit – pineapple, orange, strawberry, blueberry, passionfruit, etc.), and the Passion Fruit Rum Punch (made with two types of rum) - and original champagne cocktails, Public Interest will leave your taste buds wanting more and have you returning time and time again. For those purists who enjoy Champagne on its own, there is a top selection of bottles at the bar, as well as high quality wines and beers. Light snacks such as olives, salted almonds and more are served. Public Interest is simply one of the top bar choices in Prague. Open from 18:00 to 3:00 a.m. Cheers!