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Prague's Best Bars

Alcron Bar

Looking for a fancy Art Deco bar where you can lap up the atmosphere and enjoy mouthwatering cocktails?

If so, head to the Alcron Bar, situated in the five-star Alcron Hotel Prague, and located just off of bustling Wenceslas Square. This award-winning hotel bar is a great place out for a night on the town and gets our vote for one of Prague's best cocktail bars. The Alcron Bar is a popular meeting point for not only the hotel guests but also for local clientele, and is especially loved as an after work drinking lounge where professionals can unwind and sample delectable cocktail creations. The Alcron Bar offers their own renowned cocktails (all mixed by master bartenders that are dressed to the nines in crisp white shirts and bow ties), a wide selection of fine spirits, local beer and rich wines; for those who need a bite to eat, the establishment has a bar menu with excellent dishes on offer. What is more, talented local musicians perform at the bar, helping to set the scene for a joyous yet relaxing evening. If you wish to drink in style and enjoy a real classy evening at an Art Deco bar, take your jazzy self down to the Alcron Bar tonight.

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    Štěpánská 40/623, Praha 1
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