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Field Restaurant

Pay a culinary visit to Field Restaurant – a farm-to-fork, one Michelin Star restaurant that serves up delectable food. 

Located in the center of Prague's evocative Old Town, this popular restaurant connects top class cuisine together with a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. Experience free range dining at Field, where the goal of the talented chef and professional staff members is to excellently feed you, and to let you experience your sense of taste as a visual perception. The food is created with the finest ingredients that are sourced locally and carefully selected from reputable Czech farmers – ensuring that when you eat at Field, you can be sure of the quality of the food that you are putting into your body and soul. The menu is always changing as it is drawn up from seasonal items and ingredients, which means you will never tire of the fine cuisine offered at Field Restaurant. Besides expertly pairing menu items with fine wines, this hip restaurant also features non-alcoholic beverages in the form of mixing a variety of vegetables and fruit that will compliment just about any delicious meal served there. It is also of interest to note that Field Restaurant was recently labelled as one of the most romantic restaurants in Prague – with a great atmosphere, delectable fresh food and expert service you simply cannot go wrong with Field Restaurant – visit tonight and see what the culinary fuss is all about.  

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    U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1
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