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The Farm

Looking for homemade delicious food that is made from locally-sourced produce and ingredients? Visit The Farm in Prague's Letna neighborhood, one of the first farm-to-fork restaurants in the city of one hundred spires.

This laid back yet upscale cafe/restaurant boasts a minimal almost industrial interior with gray walls decorated only with a vintage bicycle hanging on the wall and a random swing seat. The Farm offers a daily menu during the week that is always changing, since they decide what to cook depending of course on their supply of fresh ingredients; it is therefore safe to say that you will never get bored of dining at The Farm. You can watch your meal being prepared by the chef behind the counter at The Farm, ensuring always a fresh, made-to-order meal; it is then worth noting that dining at The Farm is a leisurely affair, not best for a quick hot lunch – but trust us, the wait is worth it for the food is downright good. For lovers of breakfast and leisurely late morning meals, this hip eatery also does a popular weekend brunch. A variety of coffee drinks are available at The Farm, all of which are made with Doubleshot coffee – for those who don't know, Doubleshot is quite possibly the best coffee available in Prague. Coffee is served with a tumbler of tap water, a nice touch – The Farm also offers complimentary water with lemon slices and fresh mint. Before leaving The Farm make sure to sample whatever fresh dessert they are offering; these freshly baked sweet treats are prepared daily and are heavenly. Know what you eat and where it comes from - visit The Farm today for a high quality healthy meal made from locally-sourced food and ingredients.  

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    Korunovacni 17,Praha 7
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