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BodyBody Fitness Revolution

Do you want to shape your body, strengthen your muscles and reduce your body fat naturally and in a much shorter period of time? If so, head to the closest BodyBody studio and try out a test training of this revolutionary and efficient workout for free (the offer is valid for happy hours - weekdays between 1 and 4 pm).

Currently the most efficient training where you can work 90% of your muscle mass in 20 minutes, BodyBody is Endorsed by Denisa Barešová (Czech champion in sports aerobics) and David Svoboda (olympic champion in Modern Pentathlon), and doctor-approved, you cannot go wrong with BodyBody. Compared to a regular workout in a common fitness gym you save a considerabe amount of your precious time. BodyBody combines natural activation workouts together with external electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). EMS allows your body to achieve stronger muscle contractions. Thanks to this intensive training you are able to see the first results as early as in 6 weeks, which is exciting for everyone that longs to reshape their body and overall health. Each training is supervised by a personal trainer who evaluates your results and gives recommendations. Within the BodyBody program you can also use the BodyNutri program, a consultancy with nutrition specialist MUDr. Katerina Cajthamlová. Furthermore you don't need to take anything with you to BodyBody for your workout – simply show up (after making an appointment) and you will receive a workout outfit, nutrition shakes, towels, etc. You can find BodyBody studios in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and České Budějovice. Specific phone numbers and addresses are listed on the webpage below. Join the fitness revolution today - have fun at BodyBody, work out and receive the body of your dreams!

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    Smíchov Gate Building: Plzeňská 3217/16,Praha 5,Praha 8
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