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If you are in need of rich textiles for an exclusive or historical interior, look no further than KOLOVRAT.

This Czech family-operated company offers luxurious and original upholstery and decorative fabrics, available in a wide assortment of lovely patterns and color variations. Whether you are looking for modern textiles or historical, classical fabrics, the KOLOVRAT Company has you covered. The company boasts a long history in the traditional production of jacquard fabrics and textiles and can create for you replicas from the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire, and Art Nouveau eras – it is also of interest for lovers of Alphons Mucha to note that KOLOVRAT creates beautiful fabrics inspired by the famous artist. The KOLOVRAT Company supplies their high quality textiles to clients with private exclusive interiors, luxury hotels, restaurants, castles, historical buildings, government institutions, etc. Further proof of the company's success is that a large number of clients are from abroad. All of the fabrics created at KOLOVRAT can be made fireproof or dirt resistant. KOLOVRAT also offers window treatments such as drape and blackout curtains; the window treatments are tailormade and are installed and arranged by the company. The company's offer is made complete by their custom-made textile wallpaper, tablecloths, covers and more. For further information and contacts please visit their user-friendly website, conveniently available in 6 languages, listed below.  

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    KOLOVRAT,ČM,spol. s r. o.,Prague Office/Showroom: Staropramenná 29,Praha 5,150 00,Chýnov 391 55
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