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RedHotChilli-Vietnamese Bistro

This cozy bistro in the hip neighborhood of Karlín - increasingly known for its good culinary establishments – offers up authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Prague.

This is the real deal, and it's interesting and exciting to note that RedHotChilli even serves traditional Vietnamese breakfast, including bahn mi, a sandwich made of paté with fresh and pickled vegetables, coriander and chili. Flavorful Vietnamese cuisine is experiencing something of a massive culinary trend in the city of Prague at the moment, and it is good to know for those culinary critics and lovers of spicy food out there that RedHotChilli is one of the best. Operated by Trinh Snicerová, RedHotChilli features an attractive interior, decorated simply with colorful photos of beautiful, exotic Vietnam, and a small outdoor seating area. This authentic Vietnamese bistro is quite often packed, a testament to the fact that the food served there is of the highest quality and is simply put, mouthwateringly delicious. RedHotChilli offers all the traditional Vietnamese dishes one would expect – chicken or beef Phở, fresh spring rolls, Bún chả, Bún bò Nam Bộ, etc. Enjoy some of the city's best traditional Vietnamese cuisine at RedHotChilli today.

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    Křižíkova 67,Praha 8
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