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Krystal Bistro

Visit Krystal Bistro - an unassuming bistro that serves up tasty cuisine combining traditional Czech food with French flavors - today for a great meal.

Situated in a charming area of Prague's up-and-coming popular neighborhood of Karlín, Krystal Bistro offers seasonal dishes and tried-and-true classics from old recipes – the menu is well-balanced, ensuring that there is something for all taste buds. The impressive food served at Krystal is what you would expect to receive in an expensive high-end restaurant, except at Krystal it is all done without the unnecessary pomp. The food served at Krystal, all of which is impressively presented, is made with the highest quality domestic products that have been processes with care and love. Besides making delicious savory main entrees, homemade soups, etc., Krystal bakes their own bread, cakes and pies. The charming French bistro-like interior features minimalistic decor that highlights natural tones, providing a nice atmosphere for sampling good food all the while being served by friendly, professional staff members. With the combination of the classic, yet creative meals served, professional service and calm atmosphere, this restaurant is worthy of being labeled as fine dining – however, it remains a charming, intimate bistro where you can regularly and enjoy the finer things in life with their culinary delicacies.  

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    Sokolovská 101/99,Praha 8
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