Prague's Best Bars

Cash Only Bar

Address: Liliová 218/3, Praha 1, +420 778 087 117, 

This charming intimate bar that is located in the heart of Prague's Old Town and situated on an upmost atmospheric cobblestone lane, has captured the hearts of many drinkers and night owls.

Cash Only Bar is a non-smoking, cash only establishment that offers a selection of innovative mixed drinks – some interesting takes on classic drinks here. The experienced bartenders are passionate about their mixology skills and on top of that are super friendly and informative about Prague and cocktails. This bar is indeed a rare gem in the center of Prague with its cool staff members and happy, laid-back clientele. Let the good vibes of Cash Only Bar take over – and they will. It is with supreme happiness to report that Cash Only plays great indie/rock music through the night – yet at a normal volume so you can still converse with one another. And when you need a little snack to ward off drunkenness, Cash Only Bar offers great hot dogs – perfect for a little nourishment. With a great interior, super cocktails, good hot dogs and much more, Cash Only Bar is the nighttime place to be.