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Helena Dařbujánová

Address: Veverkova 7, Praha 7, +420 774 099 000, 

Helena Dařbujánová is a well known architect and one of the founders of DAD STUDIO in Hradec Králové. She has been working in the world of design since 2009 and is sought after for her innovative ideas and stylish implementations. She takes part in exhibitions and trade fairs in Milan, Paris, London and Shanghai regularly, and, thanks to her work, has won five Edida (Elle Decor International Design Awards) international awards.

This festive, eccentric designer believes that design is not about the latest materials, perfect stitching or trendy colors – design is something that allows an individual person to bring their dreams and ideas to life. In 2012 she impressively participated in the Maison & Objet Paris design show as a part of the Czech selection, a fact demonstrating her renowned reputation. Her motto for the whimsical products she creates is “the return of poetry into life through design,” which becomes crystal clear once you witness her feminine design pieces that include unique beds, chairs, sofas, cabinets, desks, stools, floor lamps, and more. The furniture, made with top Czech materials is manufactured by reputable regional craftsmen (upholsterers, cabinetmakers, tailors, metalworkers, etc. - all of which are at the top of their profession). You can witness her fun and elegant design furniture in her showroom in Prague that opened in 2014 at Veverkova 7. The colorful, unique showroom of Helena Dařbujánová is even mentioned in the New York Times (March 1, 2017, Five Places to Go in Prague) and in the Louis Vuitton Prague City Guide, which features, for example, the 2015 collection that was photographed by Bára Prašilová, a renowned Czech photographer and multiple winner of the Grand Czech Design award. There are many other remarkable pieces, such as Macarons, small seats that can be unfolded to create a cushioned seat, and Jarmily tables, which were displayed as part of the Czech pavilion during EXPO 2015 in Milan. Pay a visit to this comfortable and charming place today where you can purchase fun and elegant design furniture and accessories for your home.

Photos by Bára Prášilová