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Would you like to experience a special holiday when after landing at the airport your personal delegate is waiting for you to take care of your luggage while you are waiting in a VIP salon... and then the driver takes you in a luxury car to the comfort of your private villa in the middle of a lush tropical area? If this sounds like paradise to you, then simply turn to Palmyra travel agency, a family-owned business, that has more than 25 years of experience with unique tailor-made tours.

A personal and professional approach is the key element of this travel agency. To book an amazing holiday, you first visit a Palmyra Tour branch and over a cup of delicious Arabian coffee you can describe your dream holiday – the travel professionals will then start working on finding a perfect tour for you. The opening hours are every day from 10:00 to 18:00, however, in case of interest the travel agency employees will be happy to visit you at the place of your convenience. After a pleasant meeting over a cup of coffee you can return to your everyday life and let the agency work on the preparation of your holiday. In case of simple requirements, you will get several offers on the same day, while with more diverse tours the agency will devote several days of preparation to your travels. As a result you will receive several tailor-made versions and you simply choose which option you prefer. And it is up to you which airlines you fly with, whether you prefer a private transfer to the hotel in a car, limousine or helicopter, whether you prefer to have breakfast at the hotel, or have a private chef or attendant. It is also important to note that a luxury holiday does not have to be only for millionaires. Prices range from CZK 16, 000 for a week's stay up to a million CZK experience. Palmyra tour is a real expert and specialist in the destinations it offers. They specialize in exotic places such as Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Botswana, South Africa, Spain, and others. For more information about the offered destinations visit the user-friendly website given below. Are you dreaming of exotic places in which you will be pampered and where you can experience a luxury holiday of your dreams? Do not hesitate and indulge yourself with Palmyra tour today. 

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