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DAD Studio

If you are in need of a team of experienced architects for an interior or exterior project for your home, office, or public space, look no further than DAD STUDIO, with its seat in Hradec Králové.

This studio was founded in 2004 by Ing. Arch. Jiří Dařbuján and Ing.arch. Helena Dařbujánová. Today it has three architects and cooperates with many external professionals (architects, designers, artists, etc.). The professionals include, for example, Milada Gabrielová, Michal Gabriel, Matyáš Chochola, and Martina Marková, among others. DAD STUDIO prepares architectural studies, documentations for territorial and building proceedings, implementation projects, interior designs, designs of exhibitions, etc. They work on family houses, apartment buildings, schools, social and sports buildings, administrative buildings, and more. The realized projects include for instance the large complex of the Rajská zahrada hotel and the Vyhlídka wellness center in Nové Město nad Metují. This project was created from the very first study and implementation to the interior project, including upmost surveillance during the implementation. This luxury complex received a nomination for the Construction of the Year 2014 award and won the Dolce Vita magazine award (Best of 2014 category for the Best Hotel). The other realized projects are, among others, the Fortel administrative building in Hradec Králové and the Kropáčka house of social services for seniors. Helena Dařbujánová is an architect who has also been working in design since 2009. After a multitude of successful projects, DAD STUDIO decided to found its own branch of interior design furniture and accessories called "Helena Dařbujánová.” DAD STUDIO is the manufacturer and main distributor of this branch. Individual products are presented as the work of the most skillful craftsmen of Hradec Králové (upholsters, carpenters, metalworkers, dressmakers, etc.).

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