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Olga Pokorná Architects

Olga Pokorná Architects, an architecture studio established and led by Olga Pokorná, brings together well-experienced architects, construction planners and designers, and provides a complete solution of construction and interiors, from the first analysis to the actual implementation.

The studio was established in 2013 and cooperates with specialists from different fields of science, mechanics, art, sports, etc. Thanks to that, the professional team of the Olga Pokorná Architects studio is able to understand the psychology of every indoor and outdoor space quite clearly and provide the client with the best solution. In case you are looking for a reliable studio that will help you with reconstruction or implementation of a new commercial space or private interiors, or with construction / reconstruction of a house and/or other types of buildings, do not hesitate to contact the professional team at the Olga Pokorná Architects studio. The studio offers a complete spectrum of services, ranging from the initial analysis and concept to professional supervision during the whole process of implementation. Moreover, the studio will provide the client with the implementation & reconstruction budget and secure the necessary project documentation. In case you are dreaming of a garden as well, the studio can design the concept and secure the implementation. The same goes for other types of outdoor projects. Olga Pokorná, originally from Znojmo, graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in the field of architecture and has been specialized in commercial and private interiors ever since - as well as with "micro" architecture. That means she is able to design big projects as well as pieces of furniture and other interior elements. The Olga Pokorná Architects studio boasts years of experience in the field of residential interiors, exteriors and also construction of houses and commercial space. If you want to see the studio‘s work firsthand, you can visit, for example, the Meat Point Premium Store in Prague, a luxurious butchery, or the Flavours Wine & Deli bar. The studio has participated in foreign projects as well, for instance, the interior solution of the Two Tales Pub in Belgrade, Serbia. Share your ideas with the professional team of the studio led by Olga Pokorná and get a complex team of experts with rich experience. 

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