Address: Jaromírova 431/29, Praha 2, +420 608 421 721,, 

The FormaFatal studio, based in Prague and operating in the fields of public and private interior design, creates unique, stylish interiors, reliably and repeatedly leaving a pleasant impression on everybody who enters them.

If you are searching for a studio which will provide you with a design concept of a public space and oversee the whole process of implementation, FormaFatal is the perfect option. You can contact the studio also in case you are considering reconstructing your home or decorating / designing the interior of a new one. Whether a penthouse, a smaller or a bigger apartment, the FormaFatal studio will create an impressive, original interior. The FormaFatal studio, established by architect Dagmar Štěpánová, currently consists of a professional team of talented friends, all of whom operate in the fields of architecture, design and scenography. Together they focus on exhibition installation and product design, architecture and interior design. The main domain of the studio – interior design – puts emphasis on electrifying interior design concepts, which you will gaze at in silent admiration as they are unique, authentic and far from the masses. Dagmar Štěpánová draws inspiration from abroad, various magazines, various websites & books, trips & tours, and combines all of the above with her own distinctive style & taste. She moved from the larger scale of architecture, including urban units planning and building plans to interior design, in which she started to create interior projects - important since this is where we spent the majority of our time and that which has a direct impact on us. The list of the projects implemented by the FormaFatal creative studio is rather extensive and includes such outstanding projects as Hřebenky Loft - a residential apartment, partly reminding one of a penthouse, with an industrial, modern interior designed by the studio. Thanks to the perfect combination of wood, steel and other materials, the studio received many prestigious Czech and international awards. Other projects worth mentioning are the Gran Fierro restaurant, situated within reach of Národní Street, and its kitchen, which was used in the "Diary of Dita Pd” tv show and, thanks to its romantic, clean look with many shades of white, became very popular. Contact the FormaFatal studio and share your ideas about your dream home with a creative team of professionals, who will surprise you with their great talent and and positive, do-all attitude. 

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