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The Flat White architectural studio based in Prague focuses on interiors and is, therefore an ideal choice for those who are considering reconstructing an apartment or loft, or are buying a new house or a residential unit in a development project which is under construction.

Taking care of the interior from the first analysis and plans to the finest details, such as towel hooks, the Flat White team of architects creates a home inside almost any kind of building, even if it is a rough construction. In case you want to get a clear idea of the projects created by the talented group of architects associated in the Flat White studio, take a look at the wide portfolio of projects that have already been implemented or yet to be implemented. Flat White perceives an interior as a unified area, works with it thoroughly, with love and adoration, and creates unique interiors, all of which meet the diverse and special requirements of the clients (e.g. a bathtub situated directly in a bedroom), and, at the same time, are fully functional and practical. If you decide to entrust your wishes for the perfect home to the hands of the Flat White team of architects, the whole process will start at the first personal meeting. The "first date" will take place in the beautiful city quarter of Vinohrady, in the lovely atelier where you will meet the architects personally and give them a chance to get to know you, your taste and lifestyle, and, last but not least, share your ideas and financial possibilities with them. The first meeting is primarily an introductory meeting and, moreover, is for free. In case you will reach an agreement on the price offer, a professional process ranging from the first drafts and designs of the interior dispositions, the interior concept design and visualizations to the implementation itself (under supervision of the studio), will be launched. Eventually, the architects will help you choose the right decorations and accessories that will fine tune the interior to perfection and give you the keys to your new, perfect home. 

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