Virtual Room (Virtuální Pokojíček)

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Have you heard of virtual reality and the endless ventures that go along with it? Whether you belong to virtual connoisseurs or those who are just exploring this phenomenon, Prague's Virtual Room, situated in the family cinema Kino Pilotů, will leave you breathless.

Virtual reality, a computer technology that is used for entertainment as well as for practical simulations, education and training in many fields of science, healthcare, etc., enables the user to enter the artificial world of simulated reality. Virtual reality can imitate the real world and serve as a kind of illusion or generate a completely fictitious environment without any boundaries. You can break into the world of virtual reality by using several key devices – a computer or a console, which is used to launch the selected game or application, a virtual reality headset that mediates the image, control devices and other systems that include transmission of vibrations and other sensations, enabling the user to move, hear, etc. The purchase price of these devices, especially the headset, is considerably high, which is why the places such as the Virtual Room are being established – to bring the infinite possibilities and adventures of virtual reality to everyone who desires to explore them. Virtual Room offers the best possible equipment (HTC Vive), which is available on the market, and the services of a professional content editor who oversees the whole "visit" and makes sure that you gain the most powerful experience. Virtual beginners can look forward to thoroughly selected packs of thematically divided experiences, advanced users can choose from a wide range of a regularly updated database of various video games and other applications. During the time in the virtual room you can discover the majestic depths of the ocean, create 3D objects or feel for a while what it would be like to possess magic skills or to live in a post apocalyptic world and fight for your life. The virtual reality library includes also applications for children and the whole family. The room can seat up to three people, the hourly rate is, however, fixed. You can book the virtual room for one, two or even more hours. What is more, you can drop by the adjacent cinema and bar with delicious coffee and refreshments before or after your virtual experience. 

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