Preschools in Prague

Pididomek – Kindergarten and Nursery with Extended English Lesson Plan

Address: Pštrossova 1509/35, Praha 1, +420 773 548 534,,

Since 2013, Pididomek, a family kindergarten and nursery, has been successfully operating in Prague, winning the hearts of both children and parents thanks to an intimate maximum capacity of 12 children and a unique concept.

The limits and rules in this forward-thinking kindergarten are based on a respectful attitude towards the children, supporting natural, healthy self-confidence. All teachers working at Pididomek are familiar with the "To respect and to be respected" principle and many other practices that have an origin in the Montessori Method of education. Thanks to that, the day program comprises an array of time-tested Montessori practices. The program of the Pididomek kindergarten & nursery focuses on creativity, with room for rhyming, singing - more fun forms of learning English with native speakers, and combines them with drumming, exercising and even yoga. Mornings are set aside for an individual program, based on what the children choose from the selection of Montessori activities. There is also time reserved for playing - Pididomek is equipped with an adequate amount of wooden toys, a children's kitchenette, model train sets, etc. During winter, children can visit a salt cave, while spring is the time for swimming; summer is full of holiday events and a special summer program. Furthermore, kids learn how to clean - they take part in bed making, sweeping and doing dishes, which is fun and, at the same time, gives them aa sense of responsibility. The main goal of the charming team standing behind this unique kindergarten is not to produce the highest performance, but to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and to build rituals that are very likely to be those precious moments that they will look back fondly on. Pididomek is located near the Vltava River and Slovansky Island and therefore offers an ideal solution for parents who work or live in the city center of Prague. Pididomek boasts a stable team of teachers and nannies who speak Czech, English, French and Russian, have the required qualifications and work on their self-education constantly. At the end of every year, teachers provide the children with a written report, letting the parents know of their child's progress. What is more, there is an array of special events in which the parents can participate throughout the year, including workshops, plays, celebrations and more. The operation of Pididomek is co-financed by the European Social Fund, allowing them to keep the high quality of services including a truly small number (a total of six) of children per teacher.