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Prague's Best Bars

Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar

An attractive interior, a huge variety of well-made drinks for reasonable prices, a music event each and every night and a dance floor that will not let you stand by idly – all this and more is waiting for you at the cocktail and music bar ”Nebe" (which means "heaven"). 

Nebe bars can be found in three popular Prague locations – on Wenceslas Square, on Křemencova Street near Charles Square and on V Celnici Street, which leads directly to Republic Square. Having a long history with the city of Prague, the Nebe group of cocktail & music bars continues to win the hearts of both locals and tourist alike. Each of the three bars abounds with a unique atmosphere, yet they have a lot in common: a sophisticated interior design that provides adequate space for passionate dancers as well as to those who prefer to relax undisturbed, a spacious bar and eye catching elements that make every visit an unforgettable experience. Among these impressive interior elements are three gigantic angel statues that look down on the dance floor in the Nebe bar on Wenceslas Square. Worth mentioning is also the music program – almost every night, there is a music event being held in the Nebe bars, offering the best of the current pop music scene, R'n'B, house music and the good ole hits from the 80s and 90s. The music events are usually accompanied with music video projections, from which you can draw inspiration for your dance moves. You can spend the whole night sampling the amazing cocktails from their menu, yet we recommend starting early and taking advantage of the truly pleasant happy hours, which happen in all Prague branches of the Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar group. Each of the Nebe bars is situated at a lucrative address, boasts an attractive and well-equipped interior, a wide range of cocktails and quality catering and is, therefore, the perfect place for a private and/or company events, including business parties, press conferences and meetings.

Worth visiting is also the youngest enterprise implemented by the same team that created the Nebe bars – the Blondies bar. Situated on Jungmann Square, this bar is inspired by American prohibition bars and will charm you with its attractive blond staff, newly improved traditional drinks and a music program in the rhythm of electro swing.

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    Václavské náměstí 56,Praha 1. V Celnici 4,Praha 1,Křemencova 10
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