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Address: Jungmannova 34, Praha 1, + 420 777 525 693, 

Promoting the world-known truth "Blondes have more fun" is the Blondies bar, which will surprise you with their attractive staff of attractive blondes and a super stylish interior that refers, as well as a thoroughly selected cocktail menu, to the famous era of Prohibition.

The glossy interior of the Blondies bar abounds with a unique retro design that reminds of Prohibition speakeasy-style bars from American big cities during the 20s and the 30s. A long, aureate bar is complete with stylish, private corners and a dance floor, which is bordered with a great number of bar tables. Every evening, the dance floor comes alive with a significant music event by guest bands and DJs. The music is usually in the spirit of electro swing and will simply not let you stand idle. In case you’re not the dancing type, it is okay, too – all the more time to quietly take in the high-spirited atmosphere of this special bar! In the variety of the cocktails inspired by America, the majority of which presents the new version of a well-known Prohibition classic cocktail, you will find your all-time favorite drink. There is an array of traditional cocktails with a bit of modern charm waiting for you at Blondies. Among them, for example, is the “Mary Pickford”, a lovely cocktail based on the combination of white rum, pineapple juice, Grenadine and Maraschino liqueur, which was co-created by the renowned American actress Mary Pickford during one of her excursions to Havana where she was accompanied by Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks. Furthermore, the cocktail menu includes more spicy drinks for the adventurous and favorite classic recipes for those who do not wish to experiment. Each of the offered drinks will be made for you by one of the sweet and funny blondes from the Blondies bar crew. Whether you visit Blondies for a peaceful chilled out night with friends, or you spend the night dancing… or you simply visit to taste the amazing cocktails - in the light of countless golden reflectors you will feel like you are at a legendary party of The Great Gatsby!

In case the unique concept of the Blondies bar has caught your eye, pay a visit to one of the Nebe (Heaven) bars (the same implementation team behind Blondies). At Nebe there is a huge offer of multifarious drinks waiting for you, alongside impressive interiors and music events.