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Are you searching for a unique piece of designer furniture that would move the space where you live, work or spend weekends to the next level? Would you like to entrust the new interior design of your home, holiday apartment and other space to someone with years of experience, delicate taste and a distinctive style? If so, do not hesitate to meet the Czech architect and designer Vladan Běhal, whose work, inspired by Italian design, focuses on original artistic craftsmanship.

Vladan established his brand Vladan Běhal Design in 2002. Since then, he has been designing unique pieces of furniture and interior accessories that are characterized by their typical shape, basic, geometrical lines and a timeless elegance based on those features. Design work by Vladan Běhal is dominated by steel, usually complemented with a warmer, natural material, such as solid wood. Furniture and accessories from his brand are based on a combination of top-quality workmanship, minimalism and industrial design, making it totally appreciable for the next 5, 10 or even 10 years. The same can be said about Vladan's interior work – he designs whole interiors and exteriors that meet the wishes, needs and expectations of the clients and, at the same time, bear the unique style of a successful designer. Moreover, Vladan Běhal always furnishes the interiors with his designer furniture or with furniture by other premium suppliers, which are not normally available in this country. The offer of the brands represented by Vladan Běhal in the Czech Republic, as well as with Vladan Běhal Design furniture & accessories and the author himself you can see firsthand at the Prague showroom. Over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine you can go through the timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture or meet Vladan Běhal and discuss all the possibilities of a custom-made interior. Vladan Běhal is a Czech architect and designer, whose second home is Florence and who is bringing the timelessness of Italian design to the Czech market. 

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