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The Prague-based NEW HOW architects studio offers a complete range of architectural services, from small design work to interior design and architectural designs of apartments, houses and urban units.

Behind the establishment of this studio stands the duo of David Záměčník and Filip Havliš, whose current work is following up on the experience gained at the studio. Alongside the "classic" field of residential and commercial architecture, NEW HOW architects engage in projects situated in mountain areas. Designing houses and chalets that are set in a constantly changing mountain climate, in areas without access to water, electricity or gas, always requires a special kind of attitude - the architects are required to count on alternative energy sources, utilize the latest technologies from many different fields and, at the same time, come up with an idea that has the potential to turn the newly arising building into an unusual, unique structure. Thanks to the experience acquired while creating "mountain projects," Zámečník and Havliš were able to bring a new brand to market. The NEW HOW architects brand pays tribute to all projects that oscillate between applied architecture and theory, combining the knowledge of the old masters and the up-to-date technological innovations. Projects such as these usually closely work with the environment in which they are set, and are more ecological, functional and also - thanks to the futuristic vibe - abound with a distinctive beauty. The success of the NEW HOW architects in the field of mountain architecture is evidenced by the fact that they have won the "Nová Kežmarská chata" international competition, which aimed at finding the best architectural design for a new, modern mountain chalet in the High Tatras. Approximately 100 subjects from across Europe took part in this public tender and the design presented by the NEW HOW architects studio took the first place. Worth mentioning are also other projects designed by this studio, including the reconstruction of the Modrý domeček cafe in Řevnice or the interior of the Janek Prague dressmaker's studio. Visit their official website to see the multifarious list of their projects. 

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