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Adam Rujbr Architects belongs amongst the well-established, progressively thinking architectural studios in the Czech scene.

The studio was founded in 2014 in Brno (where it has its headquarters until this day); shortly after the Prague office opened. Behind the establishment of the studio, as the name suggests, stands Adam Rujbr, an authorized architect with many years of experience both from home and abroad. In 2006, Rujbr discovered and brought back to life the forgotten border platoon area in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech Canada Nature Reserve, and in 2013 he created the unique concept of "living showrooms." One of them can be found in Prague, right in the heart of the old city, on Jakubská Street. Through a complete renovation of a unique, yet abandoned residential space from the 16th century, an innovative apartment was created, meeting all standards and demands of modern living. The concept of the apartment combines history-based, raw elements with a clean, modern design and 21st century technologies, including a central system managing the entire unit from lights to its audio system. It is the focus on innovative, yet considerate solutions that makes the Adam Rujbr Architects studio recognizable. From the very beginning of its existence, the studio has been focusing on projects of low-energy and passive houses. Moreover, Adam Rujbr is an active member of the Czech Green Building Council, and spends his hours talking to the public about the perks of green living. His studio offers complete architectural services, from the architectural study to construction supervision and a thorough control of the implemented project. Photorealistic visualizations, alongside dynamic videos in which grass and water levels wave in the wind, people walk, and cars move, are a matter of course. Thanks to a perfect orientation both in the Prague and Brno real estate markets, the studio can assist those who are searching for a great location where to build a house. Have a look at the Adam Rujbr Architects' official website to see their multifarious portfolio.

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