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The IDEA B&O studio offers a wide spectrum of architectural and interior design services.

They do everything from drafting the designs to the reconstruction of any type of building or interior. In practice, this means that they will create your dream property from the initial plans to the implementation phase, which is carried out by highly qualified construction teams in close collaboration with the studio. The IDEA B&O architecture firm is experienced not only in the residential, but also commercial, as well as public sector. In its portfolio, you will find completed projects in the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, or France. IDEA B&O was founded by the architects Elena Burmistrova and Tatiana Osina, who met while they were studying at the Moscow Architectural Institute. When they graduated, they acquired experience at the architecture division of the Russian Academy of Sciences and then both worked for a construction company that is the main Russian competitor of Honka, the famous Finnish wooden housing construction company. Both architects are therefore proficient in private, as well as in commercial, and public projects of various scopes and sizes. Their shared experience and collaboration on several projects led them to establish their own architecture firm. Studio IDEA B&O opened its doors and greeted its first guests in 2012. Since then, they have been involved in dozens of projects, some of the best of which are their luxury log cabins. IDEA B&O wooden homes are solidly built structures with several floors, stone foundations, thermal insulation, and everything that makes modern living comfortable. They are full of delicate wooden and wrought iron decorations that add a dose of charm and elegance to the exteriors. IDEA B&O’s interiors are also distinctive and original. In their portfolio of interiors, you can browse through stylish apartments, family homes, residences, offices, and other commercial spaces. Visit their website today to see all that they offer.

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