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Prague's Best Bars

Imago Mundi

Swaying gently on the peaceful waters of the Vltava River that flow past the popular Rašínovo Embankment, the Imago Mundi boat invites you to enter its world of delicious cocktails and boundless imagination.

The Vilím brothers have transformed the boat into a unique space inspired by the stories of Jules Verne. True, you won’t be descending twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Instead, you’ll head out on an adventure across the land of original mixology. The atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind floating bar is made all the more enjoyable by the gorgeous views from the windows of the wood-paneled lower deck, from where you can gaze upon the Prague Castle and the opulent buildings on the other side of the river from an entirely different angle. But what makes the Imago Mundi bar so unique is its original cocktails created by Jiří Buchar. Stop by and taste his novel signature drinks and revisit your favorite classic cocktails. If you enjoy Imago Mundi so much that you can’t get enough during normal business hours, you can rent the entire boat out for a party, a small conference, or a business meeting. If you want to weigh anchor, nobody will stand in your way. With Imago Mundi, you can head out on a private cruise with great music and delectable mixed drinks. The next time you’re thinking about where to drop anchor in Prague, head straight to Imago Mundi.

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    Náplavka,Rašínovo nábřeží
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