Yoga in Prague

Iyengar Yoga Institute Praha

Address: Vodičkova 15, Praha 1, +420 775 237 930, 

Are you looking for a place where you can connect with your mind and body and perfect your yoga practice? Then head out to the Iyengar Yoga Institute Prague.

You will find it in the center of Prague right on Vodičkova Street. Together with her team, Helena Kubrychtová Bártová, the institute’s founder, wanted to create a space where yoga would be taught a little differently. Yoga is not an automatic, mindless series of positions. On the contrary, it allows you get to know your whole body, be aware of yourself, and will effect a transformation that will accompany you through your life’s journey. Iyengar yoga, which is practiced here 6 days a week, uses props that allow students to perform the positions correctly, and the instructors focus on the finer details of each asana during the lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner or have more experience with yoga, you will be taught to respect your body and learn the positions with the utmost precision. There are lessons for all levels, allowing you to choose the one that corresponds to your level of expertise. The institute also accommodates students with health issues—therapy lessons are designed to alleviate certain conditions as well as help students understand and work with their limitations. Iyengar Yoga Institute Prague offers regular group lessons, private lessons, workshops on selected topics, and continuous education for advanced students. Embark on a journey of inspiration, personal growth, and discovery of new possibilities. Visit the Iyengar Yoga Institute today.