Fandament Architects

Address: Karlova 933/7, 614 00 Brno,, +420 606 690 990, 

The Brno-based Fandament Architects studio, which creates original projects with fresh contemporary styles, was founded in 2006 by architects Pavel Lazarov and Libor Hrda.

Its team of experienced architects, draftsmen, and other specialists focuses on designing new residential buildings. With their wealth of experience, they are able to guide their clients through every step of the architectural design process, from the initial sketch through each phase of the building’s construction to the final interior details. The studio’s creations are characterized by a generous approach to each project. To achieve the best possible result, Fandament’s architects often push their own boundaries and encourage clients to do the same. They work primarily with natural materials and large glass surfaces, which they combine with the rawness and functionality of concrete and metal. Also, they always make sure that the project complements and blends in with the environment in which it will be located. Each project reflects the personality and wishes of the client, which are intertwined with the overarching concept created by the studio. The emphasis that the Fandament studio places on meeting the requirements of its clients can be seen in its philosophy—the creation of the project’s concept is free and so the client has a clear idea of the direction of the architectural realization from the very beginning and can therefore quickly determine whether it’s a good fit.

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