Prague's Best Bars

The Banker's Bar

Address: Haštalská 1077/16, Praha 1, +420 602 624 317, 

On Haštalská Street in the center of Prague stands a noticeably distinguished building. Not long ago, hardworking bankers would diligently arrive to work there every weekday morning when it formerly housed a bank. Today, its ground floor has been transformed into a classic cocktail bar aptly called The Banker’s Bar that will transport you back to elegant 1930s Europe.

The building’s banking history was the inspiration behind the bar’s name as well as its novel interior, which has a safe that hides a lounge behind it or a bar display case that looks like a row of safety deposit boxes. Wooden paneling and dark colored furniture add a touch of classic elegance. The Dvořák family that owns Banker’s Bar wanted their establishment to provide polished 1930s customer service, but also stay up to date on the latest trends in the world of mixology. The bartenders will expertly prepare Banker’s Bar’s signature cocktails, which use fermentation, clarification, and sous-vide as methods to prepare the most tasty concoctions. They also rely on local and seasonal ingredients and so their menu regularly changes with the time of year—stop by regularly to see what’s new. If you’d like to enjoy something simpler than a complex cocktail after a hard day’s work, you’ll be happy to know that they have an excellent selection of whiskeys hidden in the bar’s “vault.” Banker’s Bar specializes in this liquid gold, and so you can sample brands and distilleries from America, Scotland, or Ireland from the bar’s unique family collection. If you are curious and want to discover something new, go with the tasting menu and sip some rare finds or try your luck with the “whiskey lottery ticket.” You might get the chance to try a Chivas Regal aged 12 years or a Talisker aged 25 years. The Banker’s Bar is worth investing your time in. Stop by for a drink today and see why they call it the only bank you’ll ever need.