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Radua Crystal was founded by designer Radua Kaňáková Zneikahová, who first came into contact with the craft of glassmaking during her childhood when she would watch her mother hard at work in the family’s glass workshop.

Her mother’s love for handmade glass has surely transferred to Radua, who as she puts it, “succumbed to the same magic as she did.” And by the way, what magic it is! Radua Crystal offers a variety of hand blown bowls, candy dishes, stemware, vases, candles, and more, which are available in delightful, pretty colors that are reminiscent of a muted watercolor landscape painting or mesmerizing gemstones - think aqua, golden yellow, olive green, rose pink, rich violet, and smoky quartz. Each piece of led-free crystal glass is a hand-made original. Radua takes inspiration from nature in all of its forms – the refraction of light on the surface of water, the endless variety of flowers and trees, etc., all of which can be seen in her beautiful works. Radua Crystal is designed and produced at the family workshop in the heart of the Czech glassmakers’ region. The designs are created with utmost respect to the tradition of glassmaking and Radua’s ancestors.

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