Smetana Hall - Municipal House

Address: náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1, +420 222 002 101, 

The Municipal House’s acclaimed Smetana Hall represents a perfect combination of high Art Nouveau style and beauty with a function unmatched by other classical music venues in Prague.

The largest of Prague’s concert halls, with its seating capacity of 1200 seats, reverberates with the dulcet tones of its original Art Nouveau organ, as well as the powerful sounds of the grand Czech National Symphony Orchestra, which calls Smetana Hall home. Grand features such as the splendid painted ceiling balance the vast size of the hall with its domed glass center surrounded by lights and scrollwork featuring the best that Art Nouveau has to offer. Designed and decorated inside and out by such greats as Preisler, Myslbek, Saloun, Svabinsky and with interior murals featuring nationalist themes by none other than the famous Alfons Mucha, the Municipal House is one of the most artistically and architecturally important buildings in the Czech Republic and is truly a monument to the grand Art Nouveau period. After two failed attempts at soliciting designs by way of a contest, the job of design and artistic direction was finally awarded to Osvald Polivka and Antonin Balsanek, whose flawless work is appreciated today by locals as well as visitors from every corner of the world. Construction began in Namesti Republicky in 1905, and finished in 1912 with the opening of the Municipal House. Its distinctive facade features an impressive stained glass entrance with allegorical figures representing The Degradation of the People and The Resurrection of the People by celebrated artist Ladislav Saloun, and above that the large half-dome mosaic Homage to Prague by another famed Czech artist Karel Spillar. On October 28th, 1928, the independent nationhood of Czechoslovakia was proclaimed from the Municipal House, but nowadays locals and visitors alike will be found attending concerts, as well as the many other exhibitions, shows, conventions, and social events held in this multi-functional building. The Municipal House is proud to offer highest quality musical performances, as well as fulfilling its original function as a grand space for people to gather and relish in all of the beauty that Prague has to offer. Galleries and spaces are available for rent, and guided tours of this spectacular building are available. Often home to wedding or trade fairs, conferences and conventions, or simply meeting with friends in the gorgeous Francouzska Restaurace or the grand cafe with its delectable desserts and live piano music, the Municipal House has something to offer for everyone. The cafe is particularly recommended and can be found next to the statues of Flora and Fauna by Bohumil Kafka. It is within reach of many hotels, apartments, shopping opportunities, and public transportation or parking opportunities, so a visit is easy to work into your day spent in the center of Prague.

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